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Cumberland Valley Tractor Pullers Association

We have completed 42 years of pulling at the Newville Lions Fairgrounds. We are planning for an exciting year of tractor and truck pulling in 2018. Our sponsors, competitors and patrons are very important to us. We hope that our pulls will remain a pleasurable family event in the Cumberland Valley.  Please scroll down to see our schedule for the year and please keep checking back. See you at the Pulls!


The Rules for Interstate Classes can be found at :

CVTPA Tractor and Truck Pull Rules

1.Contest open to farm tractors with rubber tires. No dual tires, tire studs, or chains

2.Each tractor may be entered in more than one class, but only once in each class.

3.Minimum drawbar length, 24 inches from the center or real axle to point of hook.
Drawbar to be stationary in all directions: 20 inches from top of hitching device parallel
to the ground.

4.Drawbars must be equipped with a hitching device of not more than one in thickness,
and must have a 3 inch diameter opening. The pulling point may not be more than 1 ½
inches from the back of the hitching device.

5.No pressurized tanks allowed except LP gas. No oxygen allowed.

6.All engines radiators must be properly shrouded.

7.All exhausts must discharge upward above the highest point of the tractor and be
properly attached.

8.No portion of the tractor shall interfere with the sled or sled hitch during a pull.

9.All weights must be safely secured to the tractor on hanging supports.

10.Stock block tractors are tractors having a standard block and crankcase for make and
model being entered. (Chassis must conform with the engine being entered.) Tractor
must have stock engine and powertrain (transmission and rear end) for make and model
of the tractor being entered.

11.Out of field class will be naturally aspirated stock block tractor with no visual engine

12.If the committee doubts legality of stock entry or upon the request of another
contestant in that class, contestant must verify 150 units of tractor have been
manufactured (notarized statements for the manufacturer), furnish part numbers and
prove to the committee that they have a legal entry.

13.Stock tractor: no weight frame or weight may extend 24 inches beyond front of tractor.

14.All stock tractors must be equipped with a hood and grill.

15.All tractors 7500 lb. tractor or larger must have fenders.

16.All 5500 lb. tractors or smaller can only have tire sizes of 15x5x38 or 16x9x34.

17.Speed limit for 6500lb and lighter is 4mph, 7500lb and bigger is 6mph.

18.Speed limit will be controlled by use of a horn mounted on sled or a light. Each puller
will get two horn blows, first horn blows is a warning ,(first horn can’t blow more than 3
seconds) horn blows a second time the puller will be disqualified.

2018 Schedule

To be announced

The Newville Lions Fairgrounds is located west of Newville on Route 533.
(433 Shippensburg Road, Newville, PA 17241)
From Exit 37 of Interstate 81, follow Route 233 north, cross Route 11 at the signal and proceed to Newville. As you go down the hill and cross the bridge, the Graham Medical Center is on your left and Route 533 turns left immediately after the Medical Center. Proceed to the Stop sign, go straight and after you pass the Pepsi Plant on the left and cross the bridge, the fairgrounds is on the left.

Have a safe trip! See you there!
Interstate Truck and Tractor Pullers http://www.interstatepullers.com/
Mountain State Pullers http://www.mountainstatemotorsports.com/
Eastern Extreme Pulling http://www.easternextremepulling.com/

Please support our sponsors whenever possible. Thanks for viewing our sponsors page!

Barrick Tire Sales
Harry Barrick
455 Center Road
Newville PA 17241
Brad Cornman
997 Poplar Drive
Boiling Springs, PA 17007

Edmil Fuels Inc
Mike Miller
1035 Longs Gap Road
Carlisle PA 17013
249-4901 or 226-2102

Foreman Auctioneering
Rick Foreman
386 Springfield Road
Shippensburg PA 17257
Heishman’s Water & Blue Mountain Excavating
Kevin Lay
30 Myers Road
Newville PA 17241
96 S. High Street
Newville PA 17241
Bruce & Kate Lemmon
855 Alexander Spring Road
Carlisle PA 17015

Agar Welding & Steel Supply INC
93 Firehouse Road
Walnut Bottom PA 17266
Piper Advertising
162 Kerrs Road
Carlisle PA 17015

Piper Family in Memory of Merle Piper
Galen & Susan Piper 
967 Ridge Road
Shippensburg PA 17257

Hoober INC
975 South Main Street
Chambersburg PA 17201
Josh Motter Welding
39 Motter Drive
Shippensburg PA 17257
Rick Motter Hauling
39 Motter Drive
Shippensburg PA 17257
Newville Lions Club
Bruce Lemmon, Jr
177 Fairview Road
Shippensburg PA 17257
Farm and Land Real Estate
Rodney Rice
89 Hershey Road
Shippensburg PA 17257
Harry Barrick
455 Center Road
Newville PA 17241

12258 Buchanan Trail West
Mercersburg, PA 17236
1605 Industrial Drive
Carlisle PA 17013

Negley’s Well Drilling
16199 Cumberland Highway
Newburg PA 17240
Youngs ATVS
1770 Walnut Bottom Road
Newville PA 17241

Farm Equipment Supplier
100 Stover Dr

Carlisle, PA
(717) 249-6720